Who Am I?

My name is Keer, you can call me [kɪr] or [kě ér]. In fact, Keer is both my preferred English name and Chinese name in Pinyin.

😊As a geek: Computer Science student in University of Waterloo, a passionate software intern always learning and growing

😊As a pianist: amateur pianist who treats the piano as the lover

😊As a storyteller: kindhearted and sweet girl exploring the truth of life and sharing love with people around


Why Keer?

I am a third-year Computer Science student in University of Waterloo(coop program)! I am really motivated in developing software and learning new technologies! I already have 4 software internships under my belt(Slack, Coinbase, Pagerduty, Loblaw Digital), from where I have gained a lot of experience in full stack and infrastructure development. 

I am constantly considered as a quick learner by my team leaders and co-workers. During my internships, I worked on problems carefully and tried different ways and evaluated which one worked best for the purpose. At the end of the day, I solved the problem fast and efficiently. I am also a good team-player, who values efficient communication and empathy a lot.

However, I am not just satisfied with sitting by my desk and writing code! In my last internship, I planned and scheduled various team-building events for all interns in my company, and I organized monthly lightning talk events as well as gave a talk on the trending topic: Neural Network.  On campus, I also organized the Engineering Hackathon hosting around 300 students, managing the work from logistics to sponsorship. I really enjoy organizing events, building teams to bring people together!

I am also fascinated about learning new things and applying them to my personal or team projects out of schoolwork, ranging from the healthcare web app, Engineering Society website, CMS, chatbots, etc. I also do research! In previous terms, I was a research assistant under CS department in UW focusing on machine learning, since I was eager to explore technologies and research at an early age of university career.

Oh, I love singing, as well as playing the piano! The most enjoyable thing for me outside the technical world is music. I learned to play the piano at the age of 3 (though I stopped taking lessons after 11), and took bel canto singing courses for years. Although I am not taking lessons any more, I still enjoy immersing myself in the world of music! Come to listen to me playing the piano and sing with me!

So this is me, namely, Keer. Browse around my website and get to know more about me! If you like me, reach out to me!