First of all, I must show gratitude to Bohan (Tuotuo) Shi as it is he who teaches me how to set up my personal website (or rather, my blog) as well as how to maintain it!

  1. Choose your own domain hosting services and purchase a domain

  2. Set up WordPress via the panel(i.e. cpanel) provided by the hosting site

  3. Customize the theme, layout, widgets, fonts and so on

  4. Download and activate the plugins you need

  5. Download FTP client (i.e. FileZilla) and link your PC with your website (FTP information in the email from the hosting site) and then transfer files (especially larger than 2M); Download “Add From Server” plugin and use it to upload files from the FTP client

  6. Know some online tools that can help:
    For example:
    Polish images: Meitu
    Resize pictures: Any online tools
    Justify texts: Text Editor Tool Online

  7. Add your URL via Google services… so as to make the website easier to be found with Google Search

  8. To be continued…
How To Set Up A Blog?

One thought on “How To Set Up A Blog?

  • December 10, 2016 at 12:29 am
    Well, this method is only for PaaS.
    As for IaaS, it means we should configure the web environment by ourselves.😂

    Though a lot of config files need to be modified, we can edit some variables.
    Just like MAX UPLOAD SIZE, so that any files can be upload with WP.😂



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