This is a project we made in the hackathon EngHack2017@UWaterloo! Thanks to my teammates  Roxane Fruytier and Derek Tao! Without your dedication and hard work, in no way could we make such a fabulous and cool web app!


As University students, most of the time we share an apartment or a room with other people. This can sometimes lead to conflict of forgetfulness in terms of who owes what to whom, who is supposed to do the weekly/monthly chores or even who has not yet paid its part of the WiFi bill.

What it does

With TheyOweYou, our aim is to offer a tool for roommates to keep track of those things, and help them avoid conflicts. To get started, a roommate creates a _ room _ and becomes its admin. He or she can add other people to this room. On the dashboard, roommates can keep track of each others inventory, see what they borrowed to people, who borrowed what to them and who is in charge of the daily/weekly/monthly chores, if there is one.

How we built it

TheyOweYou is a Web App built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the frontend, Angular.js and Firebase in the backend.

Challenges we ran into

We had several difficulties installing properly the angular.js web app, especially successfully installing bower and connect bootstrap to the environment. As well, we encountered some challenges with angular as we were lacking of experience with the coding language. The most important one was the lack of time. We had many ideas but not enough time to implement all of them. One of the team member was unable to set up the working environment appropriately on Windows and had to manually commit her changes.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We successfully linked our back-end to our frontend, there are no hardcoded values whatsoever. We handled the difficulty of using Firebase and Angular.js for the first time very well.

What we learned

We learned Firebase and Angular.js in a very short time frame. In particular, how to correctly set up our database using Firebase and set up our coding environment for the Angular.js Web App. We also learned how to access data from our database inside our HTML and JavaScript files in order to either process the values or display them on the web page.

What’s next for They Owe You

Our plan is to add many more functionality to simplify the cohabitation lifestyle of roommates. For instance, having a better graphic overview of who owes what to whom.

Live An Easier Life With Your Roommate — They Owe You
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