Be Yourself

Hello everyone, I am Keer. Today I am going to talk about Be Yourself.

I want to tell you a story. It was the first time I made a confession of love to a boy whom I fell in love with secretly. I elaborately made a postcard which read “I love you and I desire to become the kind of girl you like” and sent it to the boy. Do you know what he replied? The lovely boy sent me a message and said, “I am so delighted to see your touching words. I am sorry but I don’t think I am able to start a relationship now as I have not prepared well yet…However, Keer, you should never, never change yourself for me. You are a goddess, be yourself.”

Be myself? The boy’s words greatly made a deep impression on me. The confession took place months ago, when I did not really know what the meaning of “Be yourself” was. I used to strive to force myself to be a well-behaved girl and please everybody around me. The questions I always thought about were: what kind of person the boy I love will like? How to become a popular girl that is welcomed by all people? What can I do to become as shining as the famous star? … I got messed up, because I could not find out the answers to them. Struggling though I was, I failed to please all the people I met. What’s more, I cared a lot about what others said about me. It was probable that some simple words were able to ruin my schedule and upset me for long. For example, I used to be a leader in a group of 4 students. When I allocated the work to them, they complained, “Keer are so selfish that she throw all the work to us but do nothing herself!” Depressed by their words, I said nothing and finished all the task totally by myself, with my time schedule disordered. It seemed that the master that was in charge of me was not myself, but others’ words.

I never made an effort to get away from the idea of trying to satisfiy people around and acting as they expect me to do, until, the boy I loved sent me that simple sentence, “Be yourself”.

I could then hear the light but touch voice from the bottom of my heart, “Keer, only you are the queen of yourself. You are supposed to do what you truly want to do, and try to be the best of yourself.” After all, I was not born for others. Why should I walk in the shadow of other people and ignore my real thought and need? However, the difficulty was, how?

Then I went outside to get in touch with the world. I traveled to a large number of places, inculding the provinces and countries that were away from where I lived. By admiring different mountains, rivers, buildings and so on, I got to learn bout the diversity of the world. Besides, I talked to a wide variety of people from different background. I chatted with the farmers to know more about their simple but postive attitude towards daily life; I shared thoughts with authors to learn how they viewed and depicted the world from remote perspectives; I made interviewed with entropeneurs and was greatly inspired by their delighting courage of exploring a new area, just like exploring yourself.

Now I have learned to listen to other people’s points of view patiently and politely, but I never try to copy the pattern of others’ life, nor get lost beacause of others’ comments. Now I am developing myself according to my own thoughts. I spent much time doing coding work on the computer as I dream of becoming a software engineer in the fufure, even though some people around me say, “Keer you are a girl! A girl is not intelligent enough to work on the computer.” And I sing songs as well as play the piano at weekends for love, though some people say, “Keer, you are not a specialist in music, and you should concentrate more on your study.” Furthermore, I actively take part in charity work, from caring disabled children to visting the old in the nursery, though some people say, “Why do you waste time to do that?” 

However, being myself does not mean that I should neglect what others say and be indifferent to people around. I am tough and determined in terms of choosing what kind of life I want, but I show gratitude to all the people who give advice to me or comment on me. Thanks to them, I can hear different opinions, and try my best to be myself facing challenges.

In the end, what about the following story about me and the boy I loved? We are close friends now, and I am grateful to him for his impressing words, “Be yourself”.

Be Yourself

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